Why Are E Cigarettes So Effective?

Most people who smoke want to quit, and e cigs are a proven way of giving up smoking cigarettes safely and effectively. About 10 million UK residents smoke cigarettes on a regular basis, including many aged in their teens or their 20s, and the adverse affects on your health are all too well known. Although there are other methods and ways of giving up cigarettes, e-cigs are one of the cheapest ways, in addition to being the most effective.

There are several benefits of e cigarettes, some of which cannot be enjoyed with other methods designed to help you quit the habit. If you smoke, your family and friends will probably tell you that one of the worst things about smoking is the all pervading smell which many regular smokers simply don’t even notice anymore. The chemicals and the tar in real cigarettes are hat is largely responsible for giving them their unpleasant and unwanted odour. Many non smokers go out of their way to avoid the smell of cigarette smoke, and to avoid contact with smokers as much as they can.

An e cigarette is also much less expensive than an actual one. Regardless of how much you smoke, you are probably paying at least several pounds per packet. If you smoke a pack a day, that can easily be 120 pounds a month, which of course is well over 1,000 pounds a year. This does not even include the cost of matches and lighter, or of cleaning that nasty smell out of your clothing, sheets and other items regularly. Electronic cigarettes can save you a lot of money.

Electronic cigarettes are also much safer; we all know how easy it is to accidentally start a fire and in fact about 10 percent of all deaths worldwide are caused by lighted cigarettes. The electronic type of cigarettes do not involve setting light to anything, and of course there is no danger of setting light to yourself, your clothing, loose papers or magazines, the furniture or anything else. Smoking in bed is suddenly a lot safer!

But of course, for most smokers, the biggest benefit of an electronic cigarette UK is the health benefits, and the fact that you are making that all important first step in dealing with your addictive habit. Traditional cigarettes can increase your chances of lung or throat cancer, heart disease, pneumonia and various other undesirable and potentially dangerous conditions. In addition to the obvious health benefits of smoking the electronic versions, most people who switch to e cigarettes maintain that they look and feel a lot better. Once you make the decision to try e-cigs, you may well declare it to be one of the best decisions of your life.